Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 5 Bikini Series!

Well the holiday weekend is over and it's time to get back to the gym HARD because there is less than one month until summer. AND we just booked our engagement photos! :) AHHH so officially have a date I want to look "fly" by :P

Yay Week 4 Bikini Series is here already! I know I am definitely feeling more energy even though I have had a few slip ups on food, I haven't missed a workout yet! :)

Monday 5/26/14- Cardio & Toning in ONE 
  • Cardio and Toning- Click HERE for stars and stripes cardio!

Tuesday 5/27/14-  Abs and ARMS!
  • Cardio- 30 Minutes of Cardio any way you choose- they recommend running 15 minutes from your house and then back for 15 :) 
  • Toning New Bikini Abs came out today! Click HERE! Also do Bikini Arms- Click HERE 
Wednesday 5/28/14- Stretch, tone, and lengthen! 
  • Cardio-  You pick your own cardio routine! Here are some to choose from :) Click HERE
  • ToningSunset Workout routine- Click HERE
  • 10 minutes of meditation to put your mind into focus! 
Thursday 5/29/14- Abs and Booty!
  • Cardio- Sweat session found HERE
  • Toning- New abs video and bikini booty! Click HERE

Friday 5/30/14- Abs, Shoulders, and Arms 
  • Cardio- Wild card, 30 minutes of your favorite cardio! 
  • Toning- Take me to the sea! Click HERE
Saturday 5/31/14- Slim and Toned Arms!  
  • Click HERE for pura vida! 

Sunday 6/01/14- Cardio
  • 5k folks! You got this!! 

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