Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week 6 Bikini Series!

Summer is OFFICIALLY 21 days away! JUNE is here and so is the warm weather! (Despite the flash flood we are having here in MN).

Here are your workouts for WEEK 6 of the BIKINI SERIES!

Monday 6/2/14- Arms & Abs! 
  • Cardio- First thing you do this morning get up and get in 2 miles! Either running or do the HIIT workout routine- you can find that HERE
  • Toning- Find time to fit in these 2 videos! Bikini Arms- click HERE and Itty Bitty Bikini Abs video- HERE
  • Sunset Challenge- Put fresh grapes in your freezer for a refreshing snack this week! 

Tuesday 6/3/14-  Thighs, booty, and total body! 
  • Cardio- 20 minutes of cardio, your choice! Run it, walk it, dance it out, elliptical, stair stepper, treadmill, bike! You pick it babe! 
  • Toning New Bikini Video came out today! Click HERE Also do Bikini Body- Click HERE and the Pink Flamingo workout 3 times! Click HERE
  • Sunset Challenge- Get wild in the kitchen! Experiment with a new healthy recipe! 
Wednesday 6/4/14- Abs and Cardio! 
  • Cardio-  You pick your own cardio routine! Here are some to choose from :) Click HERE
  • Toning- Bikini Abs- click HERE and Sunkissed Abs- click HERE
  • Sunset Challenge- Invite friends over for a patio mixer- everyone brings their own dish :) 
Thursday 6/5/14- Yoga and Booty!
  • Cardio- 20 minutes of cardio anyway you want! 
  • Toning- 2 booty videos- click HERE and HERE
  • Sunset Stretch~ Stretch it out with a nice Yoga routine.  After yoga, we want you to unplug!  Put your computer and phone away for the rest of the night. No TV or anything ~ just enjoy some YOU time. Maybe a bubble bath, read, write or have a glass of wine with someone special.  

Friday 6/6/14- Cardio blasting! 
  • Cardio-  You pick your own cardio routine! Here are some to choose from :) Click HERE
  • Toning-Bikini body 2 click HERE
  • Sunset Challenge- DANCE!!  Blast your favorite songs and just dance ~ in your living room, out with girlfriends or on date night.  Our new favorite song to dance to right now is Jubel by Klingande ~ it’s on your BIKINI SERIES PLAYLIST!  
Saturday 6/7/14- Make your weekend count! 
  • Wake up with a yoga video or class! 
  • Get in 4 miles today however you can! 

Sunday 6/8/14- Cardio
  • Bikini cardio workout you can find HERE
  • Go for a 40 minute walk before the new week starts! Go with a friend or by yourself to clear your mind! Picture how this summer will look like and how you will feel! 


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