Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 7 Bikini Series!

Sweet summertime is in just 12 days and now, more than ever, is the time to work hard and stay strong! Let’s all finish the BIKINI SERIES STRONG!

For the next two weeks we want you to do whatever it takes to stay on top of your workouts, healthy eatingand positive mindset!

Monday 6/2/14- Arms & Abs! 
  • ✓  Cardio: Wake up and sweat it out for 40 minutes! Go outside for a run, head to a spin class, perform your favorite cardio routine#100BySummer
  • Toning- Find time to fit in these 2 videos! Bikini Arms- click HERE and sleek and slender abs- HERE

Tuesday 6/3/14-  Tone it up triple threat! Thighs, Kettlebell, and yoga! 
  • Toning New Bikini Yoga comes out today! Check back here for the link! :) Also do Inner and Outer Thighs- Click HERE and the Kettlebell workout! Click HERE 
Wednesday 6/4/14- Arms and Cardio! 
  • Cardio-  Making waves cardio! Click HERE
  • Toning- Slim and toned arms- click HERE 
Thursday 6/5/14- Cardio and Double Ab! 
  • Cardio- 30 minutes of cardio anyway you want! 
  • Toning- 2 Abs routines- click HERE and HERE
Friday 6/6/14- Cardio- fat blasting! 
  • Cardio-  You pick your own cardio routine! Here are some to choose from :) Click HERE
  • Toning- Bikini Body 1 Click HERE Bikini body 2 click HERE
Saturday 6/7/14- Yoga, Arms, and Fat Burn 
  • Wake up with a yoga video or class! 
  • Arms and Shoulders, click HERE 

Sunday 6/8/14- Cardio
  • Run it out! 

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