Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 8 Bikini Series!

Sweet summertime is less than a week away now, more than ever, is the time to work hard and stay strong! Let’s all finish the BIKINI SERIES STRONG!

Monday 6/16/14- Abs & Double Bikini Arms! 
  • ✓  Cardio: Wake up and sweat it out for 40 minutes! Go outside for a run, head to a spin class, perform your favorite cardio routine#100BySummer
  • Toning- Find time to fit in these 3 videos! Bikini Arms- click HERE and tight and toned arms  HERE and sun kissed abs click HERE

Tuesday 6/17/14-  Tone it up triple threat! Double LEGS! 
  • Toning Daisy Dukes Booty and Legs video comes out TODAY! 
  • Inner and Outer Thighs- Click HERE and the Kettlebell workout! Click HERE 
  • Bikini ABS click HERE
Wednesday 6/18/14- Yoga and Abs! 
  • Morning- Wake up with love your body with YOGA! Click HERE
  • Cardio-  In the afternoon do 30 minutes of cardio and then the bikini series YOGA- click HERE
  • ToningItty bitty Bikini ABS - click HERE 
Thursday 6/19/14- Cardio and Double Total Body!! 
  • Cardio- 30 minutes of cardio anyway you want! 
  • Toning- Bikini Body 1 Click HERE Bikini body 2 click HERE
Friday 6/20/14-Fat burn and double ABS!! 
  • Cardio-  Love your body with HIIT click HERE 
  • Toning- Bikini Abs click HERE
Saturday 6/21/14- Pink Flamingo! 
  • Pink Flamingo TWICE click HERE
Sunday 6/22/14- Cardio
  • Run it out! Then go out and play :) 

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