Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bikini Series Week 2

Last week started the Tone It Up #bikiniseries! For those of you who don't know what it is you should check out the toneitup website by clicking here :)

In short, it is basically a workout challenge from now (started April 28th) until the first day of summer to get ready for those bikini bodies :) I thought this would be perfect timing to give myself some confidence when I start trying on wedding dresses (EEEEEEEP)!!!

The website is sometimes confusing so I decided to start laying out the upcoming week on here as soon as they list the workouts on their website. I encourage all of my friends to do this with me! The workouts are fun, totally do-able, most of them don't require a gym, and you'll feel great afterwards!

Each day there is usually a toning and cardio routine so I am going to split each day into those categories

Monday 5/5/14- Cardio &Abs (Cinco de Mayo!)

  • Cardio- Excited for Spring Cardio- 30 minutes (don't forget to add your miles to your 100 miles by summer!)
  • Toning- The Best Ab Routine- 15 reps of each move- repeat entire routine 3 times
  • Sunset Challenge- celebrate Cinco de Mayo with friends! Check out their selected recipes and remember if you're at a restaurant, skip the chips and drink water with each margarita! :) 

Tuesday 5/6/14- Booty & Fat Burn 
  • Toning- New booty workout comes out today! Click here for the workout :)
  • Sunset Challenge- Yoga inspired stretching 
Wednesday 5/7/14- Cardio & Surfers Paradise 
  • Cardio- Bikini Cardio - count those miles towards your 100 by summer!
  • Toning- Surfer's Paradise Routine 
  • Sunset Challenge- Visualize your goals- take 5-10 minutes thinking about your goals and picturing yourself achieving them! Why are you doing this challenge? Why is it worth it? 
Thursday 5/8/14- Running & Toning 
  • Cardio- Wake up and squeeze in 2 miles! Count them towards your 100 by summer!
  • Toning-  Inner thighs and waistline with Kettlebells
    OR New Bikini Series Toning Workout (Check back for link)
  • Sunset Challenge- Stop, drop, and make a list! What are you grateful for? 

Friday 5/9/14- Running & Toning 

Saturday 5/10/14- Yoga

Sunday 5/11/14- Running 

  • Run a 5k and count your miles towards 100 by summer!
  • Check back here for next weeks schedules :) 

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