Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 4 Bikini Series!

Yay Week 4 Bikini Series is here already! I know I am definitely feeling more energy even though I have had a few slip ups on food, I haven't missed a workout yet! :)

Monday 5/19/14- Abs & Arms! 
  • Cardio- 2 miles anyway you choose, add those miles to 100 by summer! 
  • ToningBikini Arms! Click HERE AND bikini abs! Click HERE

Tuesday 5/20/14-  Total Body and Bootie! 
  • Cardio- 30 Minutes of Cardio any way you choose- they recommend the spring into summer cardio routing- click HERE 
  • Toning-  New Bikini Body 2 comes out today! Click HERE Also do Bikini Booty- Click HERE 
Wednesday 5/21/14- Cardio & Yoga!
  • Cardio-  You pick your own cardio routine! Here are some to choose from :) Click HERE
  • Toning- Yoga routine- Click HERE
Thursday 5/22/14- Abs and Arms!
  • Cardio- 45 minutes of cardio- they suggest the bikini routine found HERE 
  • Toning-  I don't have the beach babe dvd so I will do love your body abs and arms- click HERE and Bikini Arms- Click HERE

Friday 5/23/14- Suns out, buns out!
  • Cardio- 2 mile run! You've got this! Work towards 100 by summer! :) 
  • Toning- Kettlebell routine- Click HERE Don't have kettle bells? You can easily use hand weights! :) Also add this thigh routine to the end of your workout! Click HERE
Saturday 5/24/14- Run 
  • Stretching routine! Click HERE

Sunday 5/25/14- Cardio
  • 5 miles! WOOO! 

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