Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bikini Series Week 3

Week three of the bikini series starts tomorrow (Monday, May 12th)! There are only 6 weeks until summer :)

Monday 5/12/14- Cardio &Full Body  
  • Cardio- 3 miles, any way you choose! Just remember if you are biking 3 miles, you divide by 3. So to get 3 miles on the bike you do 9 miles :) 
  • ToningBikini Body Workout Click HERE 
  • Sunset Challenge- Develop a mantra for the week and use it when you wake up, during your workouts and anytime you need a boost. They suggest "I am strong," "I will not get up" "I'm a gorgeous bombshell who can accomplish anything!"

Tuesday 5/13/14- Abs & Arms
  • Cardio- Wake up and run for 2 miles, make sure you count those miles towards your 100 by summer!
  • ToningNew bikini arms workout comes out today! Click HERE
  • Abs- The best ab workout Click HERE 
  • Sunset Challenge- 20 squats every chance you get, for example every time you go to the ladies room 
Wednesday 5/14/14- Cardio & Booty
  • Cardio- Making waves cardio click HERE  - count those miles towards your 100 by summer!
  • Toning- Bikini booty- click HERE 
  • Sunset Challenge- Get creative and tap into your artistic side, this will create a great tress relief :)
Thursday 5/15/14- Full body and abs 
  • Cardio- Wake up and squeeze in 2 miles! Count them towards your 100 by summer!
  • Toning-  Under the sea workout Click HERE and 3 rounds of abs click HERE
  • Sunset Challenge- Do something to encourage and inspire those around you 

Friday 5/16/14- Cardio & Yoga 
  • Cardio- Go for a bike ride with the biker babe cardio routine- click HERE 
  • Toning- Love your body with yoga, click HERE 
  • Sunset Challenge- Reward yourself with something that will make you smile! 
Saturday 5/17/14- Run 
  • Run and bring a friend along Click HERE 

Sunday 5/18/14- Cardio
  • Bikini body video click HERE  

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